Sutlers List

NOTE:  Not all wares sold by sutlers are historically accurate or appropriate.  If accuracy and authenticity is desired, check with the sutler for documentation or with the Color Guard Captain before purchasing.

Please keep in mind we do not recommend one sutler over another. These sutlers are well-known to SAR color guards and re-enactors.

Sutlers provide either Off the Rack clothing or Tailored clothing.  Off the Rack (marked with [O]) is much faster, however the quality and fit of Tailored clothing (marked with [T]) can’t be beat.

13Full Service Vendors – Uniforms and Accoutrements

These sutlers have pretty much everything you need for the Color Guard.

Specialty Vendors – Accoutrements, Accessories, and some Clothing

The following sellers have limited items, usually focusing on accoutrements or specific types of clothing, such as hunting frocks or shoes.

Patterns & Fabrics

An inexpensive option is to create your uniform yourself. The following sutlers sell period patterns and fabrics to assist you.

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