Getting Started in the Color Guard

4The Omaha SAR Color Guard seeks to promote patriotism and educate the public about the American Revolution.

A big part of this is demonstrating how the patriots were uniformed and equipped.

There was a great variety of uniforms and clothing used in the American Revolution.  As such, we don’t limit our Color Guard members to dress in the same uniform.

During engagements such as the Siege of Boston, the Battle of Saratoga, the Battle of Trenton, etc., the American patriots had a wide variety of clothing ranging from hunting frocks to lottery coats, from cavalry caps to artillery helmets, to the everyday 1770s civilian wardrobe, and everything in between!

So, let’s get started…

Step #1:  Decide what type of patriot you will be recreating

Will it be a Continental Army private? Or a country parson? Maybe a Militia Sergeant? The choice is up to you!

While the choice is yours, we encourage you to consider recreating your own Patriot Ancestor’s uniform. It will help you better understand their experience in the Revolution and is a great way to honor your ancestor’s service!

Step #2: Research!

There’s quite a bit of information out there if you know where to look.

Click our Research link to view some helpful online sources and books that we suggest to help you learn about the uniform you’ll need.

Step #3: Source out your uniform

You have 2 different ways to assemble your uniform- you can order the items from sellers who specialize in period clothing, or you can get patterns and hire a tailor to make them for you.

Keep in mind that many sutlers have long waits before they can send you your order!

Click our Sutlers link to view a list of sellers of uniforms and patterns.

Starter Kits

Due to the cost of putting together a uniform, most people will start with the basics and add on to it over time.

Below are some less expensive options which are appropriate for the SAR Color Guard.

These items tend to use less expensive materials, such as cotton and canvas. If you want to go for a more authentic look, you can consider going with wool or linen versions which tends to cost a little more but is what your patriot ancestor’s clothing would have been made with.

6Regimental Uniform Starter Kit from Jas. Townsend & Son

Preferred uniform for Color Guard leaders and flag bearers. Regimental Coat ($134) and other accoutrements can be added later.

Total Minimum:                               $262.50

startermilitiaMilitia Uniform Starter Kit from Jas. Townsend & Son

Desirable for armed Color Guardsmen to flank the flag bearers. Other accoutrements can be added later.

Total Minimum:                               $204

Of course, these are merely suggestions to help you get started. Feel free to do your research, check out the different sutlers, and put your uniform together as needed.

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