Members A-C

Credit for the availability of this list of Nebraska members and their ancestors should be given to Royce N. Kent, for his dedication and research to compile this list from records, and for Nebraska Society Secretaries notably Henry M. Cox for his many years of dedicated service.

This list is provided for ancestral research and to aid those interested in becoming members of the Nebraska SAR. These files may not be copied either in print or electronically, without written permission of the Nebraska Society. Information on other SAR members may be obtained by contacting the National Society which has information on the more than 153,000 members since the founding in 1889.

All Rights Reserved

Members and their Ancestors since 1890

Member #  Last Name          First Name                 Ancestor Name and State of Service

023941 Abbott Julian A. James Howard, Ralph Morgan, KY David Gates, CT
029979 Abbott Ned Culbertson Bancroft Abbott, James Abbott, NH, Elisha Hollister, Dr. Asaph Coleman, CT, Robert Clubertson, PA, Daniel Jewett, Ebenezer White, VT
029996 Abbott John William Cruikshank See Ned Culbertson Abbott
009216 Abell Charles Chester Uriah Stone, NH
082814 Ablowich James Edgar Jonathan Latimer, CT
126220 Achord Donald Thaddeus Cronomus Acre, MD
024814 Ackerman George Morris John Christie, NJ
012164 Ackerman James George John Christie, NJ
067296 Adams Alfred Haffele George Adams, MA
103668 Adams Charles Forehand George Adams, George Gleason, MA, Benjamin Cosier, CT, Michael Johnston, NH, Charles Johnston, Benjamin Andrews, Charles Andrews, CT
021416 Adams Clarendon E. Jacob Adams, MA
019226 Adams George Jacob George Adams, MA, Charles Johnston, Michael Johnston, NH
013799 Adams James Henry Oliver Adams Sr., Eldad Hitchcock, Ephriam Richmond, Daniel Richards, MA, James Eaton, CT
056529 Adams Walter S. George Adams, MA
058017 Agee Howard Hercules James Agee, VA
058016 Agee John Hercules James Agee, VA
038508 Agnew Charles Leon John Cale, VA
036997 Agnew George Aretas John Cale, VA, David Agnew, PA
047562 Agnew Richard Hayden John Cale, VA, David Agnew, PA
009223 Alexander Roy Frank Daniel Cooley, MA
004010 Alexander William H. Daniel Priston, CT
032965 Allan Charlisle Visscher Frederick Visscher, NY
023944 Allen Charles S. Issac Allen, MA
012168 Allen Richard M. Phineas Allen, Jonas Clark, Jonas Clark Minot, Eleazer Weld, MA
111937 Allen Silas Gilbert James Allen, MA
038509 Allerton Raymond Green Jonathon Allerton, NY
040210 Ames Arthur F. Moses Ayer, Zaccheus Wellcome, MA
004022 Anderson Lew Johnathan Hildreth Jr., MA
103652 Anderson Phillip Carlton Joseph McKibben, PA
012169 Anderson Walter L. John Mann, DE
012174 Anderson William Hildreth Johnathan Hildreth Jr., MA
058002 Andrews Clayton Farrington David Andrews, MA
103656 Angell Alfred Wallace Pardon Angell, RI
026393 Angle Edward John Robert Bell, Henry Engle, William Young, PA
032955 Appelget Harold Anthony Jarvis Greene, NC, David Baird, NJ
032957 Appelget John Alan Jarvis Greene, NC, David Baird, NJ
027312 Arner Perry W. Martin Arner, PA
003042 Arthur Louis A. Charles Colton, Diamond Colton, MA
135260 Aasgaard Alvin Leon Soloman Tuttle, CT
117183 Augustine Calvin Thomas Frederick Armintrout
026400 Austin Verne Bille Messenger, MA, James Harris, Dale Austin, CT
023938 Avery Samuel Johnathon Avery, CT
043194 Ayres Samuel David William Buck, CT
027310 Babcock Everett Cicero Joseph Babcock, RI
028396 Babcock George T. H. Samuel Babcock, MA
051497 Babcock Harry Leland Joseph Babcock, RI, Jonathon Weeks Jr., CT
037000 Badger Lewis Henry Edward Phelps, CT
025144 Bailey Benjamin Franklin Dyer Spaulding, CT, Bill Barned, NH, James Williams, MA
033887 Bailey Edgar A. Dyer Spaulding, CT
093032 Baird Peter Theodore Marshall Bayard, CT
033888 Baker Luther Strong Joseph Strong, CT
036994 Baldwin Arthur Elmer Elisha Baldwin, Daniel Cornwell, Caleb Briggs, Jacob Ryder, William Pugsley Sr., NY
036986 Baldwin John Nehemiah Samuel Gorton, RI, Caleb Baldwin, George Harris, Alexander Barr, NJ
032951 Baliman Richard Eugene Thomas Smith Jr., CT, John Gardiner MA
047576 Bancroft Hobart David David Bancroft, MA
067287 Bancroft Paul Martin David Bancroft, MA
043180 Bancroft William Demarest David Bancroft, MA
004275 Banister John Monro John Banister, VA
038517 Barber George Horace Aaron Kimball, Jonathon Hall Sr., Abner Stow, MA, Jonathon Hall Jr., Thomas Barber, VT
020447 Barclay Frank W. John Barclay, PA
023935 Bardwell Charles Ely Noah Bardwell, MA
004628 Barnard John C. Benjamin Barnard, MA
056581 Barnes Lynn G. Abraham Coons, NY
072742 Barney Jr. Vern Clarence Godfrey Briggs, MA
019230 Barr Edward Lauden James Barr, John Kelley, PA, Jedediah Haven Jr., MA
019229 Barr Lester John James Barr, John Kelley, PA, Jedediah Haven, Jr., MA
013788 Barr Pressly James John Kelly, James Barr, PA Jedediah Haven Jr., Ezekial Wright, Solomon Snell, Nathan Chase, MA
155746 Barrow Danny Joe Daniel E. Barrow, VA
093030 Barth John Wilfred John Porter, PA, William Logsdon III, MD
004638 Bartlett Edmund M. Gershom Randall, MA
087547 Bartley Dr. Richard L. Jacob McNeil Sr., VA
082820 Barwick Leonard Henry John Means, VA
082821 Barwick Stephen John Means, VA
029994 Bassett Samuel Clay Jesse Atwell, CT
004637 Battin John Wilson Philip Maus, PA
009207 Battin Thomas Wilson Philip Maus, PA
069126 Baumgartner Grover Karl Samuel Bucklew, NJ
033899 Beardsley Walter Haywood Benjamin Beardsley, CT
019231 Bedford Edwin Walton Thomas Bedford Sr., VA
013794 Bedford Jefferson W. Thomas Bedford Sr., Thomas Bedford
019232 Bedford Le Sueur Thomas Bedford Sr., VA
023948 Bedford Thomas Payne Thomas Bedford Sr., Thomas Bedford Jr., William Leftwich, VA
021420 Bedford Edwin W., Jr. Thomas Bedford Jr., Thomas Bedford Sr., VA
103670 Beebe Russell Lowell Edward Crafts, MA
032972 Beels Frank Hull John Shephard, PA
032971 Beels George Nelson John Shephard, PA
135089 Beerman Martin Wayne Dan Blackman, CT, Nathaniel Fairfield, MA
069136 Bell Donald Greene Jehiel Tinker, CT
069132 Bell Jr. James Oliver Edward Jackson
069127 Bell Sr. James Oliver James Oliver, SC
004640 Belt William Bradley Tyler Robert Tyler, MD
028394 Bennett John Newton Benjamin Bladgett, CT
13119 Benton Arthur Hotchkiss Jared Chittenden, Issac Hotchkiss, Timothy Benton, CT
033895 Benton James Edgar Robert Torrance, VT
025132 Benway Alton DeForest Sybrant Quackenbush, NY
051496 Bergt Alfred August Francis Ditto, PA
067295 Beutel Frederick Keating Timothy Spaulding, CT
019241 Bidwell George Franklin Aaron Moses, Darius Moses, CT
110327 Biggs Roland Claude Robert Bigg, Sr., PA
110326 Biggs Thomas R. Robert Bigg Sr., PA
067282 Binder Frank Hewson Jacob Binder, PA
135007 Bird Leonard William Thomas Buller
026386 Bishop John Skilton Joel Bishop, CT, Chauncey Bishop, NY
172361 Bisig Michael Joseph Willis Odom, NC
032960 Bissell George Perkins Josiah Bissell, James Hooker, Erastus Wolcutt, CT
012167 Blakeslee George Hopkins Harris Hopkins, CT
043198 Blakeslee Thomas A. Harris Hopkins, CT
060226 Blanchard Floyd F. Jacob Blanchard, NH
082824 Blease Sr. Earnest B. Nathaniel Abney, SC
077246 Bobbitt Charles Everett Isham Bobbitt, NC
031016 Bobbitt Theodore Newton Isham Bobbitt, NC
081362 Bodenbach Max John Watson, VA
051482 Bollen Floyd Loomiss Timothy Stiles, NJ
019363 Booth Frank Walworth Joseph Booth, CT
082817 Borchers Ferman E. Bazel Meek, William Moore, VA, James Huey, Lewis Huey, PA
107156 Borland James Douglas William Dodge, CT
072739 Borland James Douglas, Jr. William Dodge, CT
060237 Bouquet Francis Lester Benjamin Lawrence, Vachel Dorsey, MD
004608 Bowen Aurelius Henry Bowen, CT
029997 Bowlbee John Hudson Cornelius Carhart, NJ
029984 Bowlby Charles Edward Cornelius Carhart, NJ
026382 Bowlby Charles John Cornelius Carhart, NJ
029981 Bowlby Henry Lee Cornelius Carhart, NJ
028381 Bowlby John Harrod Cornelius Carhart, NJ
117595 Boyer David Russell Christopher Boyer, PA
040201 Boyles Vivian Warren Stephen Simpson, NJ
064199 Bradford Harry Elwyn Thomas Leland, MA
024821 Brady Ephraim Gould Nathan Gould, Barnabus Alden, John Alden, MA
024807 Brady Herman Greer Nathan Gould, VA, John Alden, Barnabus Alden, MA
009219 Brady John S. Samuel Brady, MA
029986 Brainard Henry Allan Dr. Timothy Hall, Ezra Brainerd, James Porter, CT, Bachelor Stetson, David Smith, MA
025131 Branch Charles Waters Henry Bell, VA
077241 Branch Jr. Perry Waters Henry Bell, VA
064195 Branch Sr. Perry Waters Henry Bell, VA
013798 Breckenridge Ralph W. James Breckenridge, VT
051490 Bressler Jr. John T. Nicholas Bressler, PA
051489 Bressler Sr. John Tannyhill Nicholas Bressler, PA
172961 Briggs David Adam Matthew Briggs, MA
021417 Bronson William Clarence Stephan Currey, NY
033893 Brown Andrew Dobbie Joseph Foster, NH
082801 Brown August Henry Thomas Hooten, VA
016495 Brown Charles H. Oliver Brown, CT
118394 Brown Gene Austin William Markwell, KY
136236 Brown John Lloyd John Waring, NY
082822 Brown Joseph Jacob John Martin, NJ
118537 Brown Olin Otto William Markwell, NJ
028382 Brown Ralph Davis Joseph Brown, Benjamin Huntoon, NH, Zebulon Davis, ME
023949 Brown Walter Scott John Warne, Daniel Brown, NJ
077247 Browne Berkley Eugene John Farnham, NH
060233 Brownfield Earl Leslie Robert Brownfield, PA
004634 Brownlee Frank Struthers James Stevenson, Thomas Brownlee, Pa
153468 Brumback Roger Alan Peter Brumback, PA
031024 Bruner Charles Erdman Adam Bruner, PA
033878 Bruner Erdman Cooper Adam Bruner, PA
036991 Bruner Hudson Freeland Adam Bruner, PA
031023 Bruner James Benjamin Adam Bruner, PA
033877 Bruner John Jefferson Adam Bruner, PA
031025 Bruner Thomas Cooper Adam Bruner, PA
028389 Buchanan William F. John Buchanan, MD
087541 Buck Julian Randolph William Cogswell, CT
040215 Buell George Elijah Elijah Buell, CT
067137 Buffett Howard Homan Nathaniel Buffett II, NY
016496 Bullock Freeman Clark Voekert Veeden, Rynier Mynderser, NY
036998 Bunce LeRoy Newton John Bunce, RI
138246 Burdick Richard Hutchinson Benjamin Arthur, VA
174300 Bundt Loren Lee Friederich Dunckelberg , PA
047563 Burnett Edgar Albert James Burnett, CT
087538 Burnett Robert Knox William Randall, MD
055346 Burton Robert A. John Brevitt, MD
033891 Bush Eugene H. Reuben Ross, MD
033889 Bushnell George Dewey Paul Clark, RI
013785 Bushnell Herbert Martin Paul Clark, RI
027309 Bushnell John Donald Paul Clark, RI
027302 Bushnell Herbert Martin. Jr. Paul Clark, RI
058005 Calkins Clifford Warren Daniel Wood, MA
116532 Carlisle James Edward Henry Axtell, NJ
116533 Carlisle Orville Howard Henry Axtell, NJ
136141 Carlson John Aaron William Baird Sr., PA
148635 Carlson William Charles William Baird Sr., PA
024815 Carpenter Carl Adolph Gile Jackson, MA
036995 Carr George Washington Peter Carr, NJ
038504 Carr E. Arthur Peter Carr, NJ
032973 Cartwright Percy John Joshua Hillyard, Christopher Cartwright, Conn.
120193 Case Stephen Samuel Joseph Chipman, VT
158533 Cash Larry, Jay Andrew Hertziger/Herzig, Germany
069147 Cavanaugh Glenn L. Alexander Wilson, PA.
051495 Caywood Grant Cecil Adams Phiol, CT, Elisha Sabin, MA, Thomas Taylor, James Strong, PA
004012 Champion Clemet Chase John Moses, NH
025142 Chapin Howard Allison Rueban Spaulding, VT
025143 Chapin Leonard Condict Rueban Spaulding, VT
056540 Chapin Howard Allison, II Reuban Spaulding, VT
067289 Chapin Howard Allison, III Rueban Spaulding, VT
077238 Chappell James R. James Steen
036990 Chase Atholbert Elton Matthew Leeper, NY, Andrew Leeper, NC
004601 Chase Champion Spaulding Mosees Chase, NH
027308 Chase Fred Wilson David Prince Chase, Jesse Briggs, Samuel Parker, MA
027322 Chase Leon Wilson See Fred Wilson Chase
027323 Chase Linus See Fred Wilson Chase
103675 Cheuvvront Vinton Clayton Joseph Cheuvront, VA
119123 Chism Herbert A. James Chism, VA
087543 Chism Neil A. James Chism, VA
018323 Choate Francis Bradford William Cogswell, MA
027324 Clark Cecil James Daniel Bryant, CT
029989 Clark David Roy William Ramsey, PA
032950 Clark Noah Smith Joseph Clark, CT
019243 Clark Rev. Victor Fremont Jehiel Munger, MA
021415 Clarke William Holiday Amos Holiday, VT
032959 Clary Ralph Francis Robert Armstrong, James Armstrong, NC, Josiah Bissell, James Hooker, Erastus Wolcutt, CT
141867 Classen David Joseph James Ogle, MD
131825 Classen Donald Charles James Ogle, MD
026381 Clendenin Ralph Ramsay John Clendenen, PA
155411 Cline Gary Lee John Cline, VA
019227 Cloyd Davis Augustus Vincent Tapp Sr., VA
116473 Coats John Bernard John McKittrick Sr., VA
031021 Codington Joseph Leeper Jarvis Greene, KY, George Greene, James Armstrong, Robert Armstrong, Matther Leeper, Andrew Leeper, NC
058009 Coffee Jr. Charles F. Charles Lewis, Paul Hively, Henry Neff, PA
047574 Coffee Charles Franklin, III Charles Lewis, VA, Paul Hively, Henry Neff, PA
077242 Cole Belden R. John Jackson, NC
004011 Cole Gilbert L. John Cole, NH
036976 Cole Maynard Copeland John Simeon Cole, MA
012157 Colson Burnell Abiah Colson, MA
012152 Colson Paul Abiah Colson, MA
004649 Colson Sireno Burnell Abiah Colson, MA
032969 Coney Albert F. Jonathon Delano, MA
026399 Coney Charles Stephen Jonathon Delano, MA
171494 Conley Thomas Eugene Asahel Lovell, MD
126661 Conner Thomas Lawrence Elisha Fanning, CT
033912 Conover Earle VanArsdale William Coverschaver, NJ
027315 Conway John Busby Michael Conway, MD
093047 Cook Curt Samuel Duff, VA
004606 Copeland William Wallace Issac Copeland, MA
148712 Corey Thomas Eugene Philip Corey, RI
132273 Cornelius Erik Bryce Abner Holuster
093036 Cornelius Russell James Joseph Moseley, MA
077248 Cornelius Ernest Harry, Jr. Joseph Moseley, MA
027320 Cornell John Cass Enoch Story, MA
069178 Cornell Sidney Andrew Elijah Miller, NY
024822 Correll Earnest E. Benjamin Bunker, MA, Michael Van der Cook, NJ, Hendrick Van der Hoof, Simone Van der Cook, NY
036987 Cory Epes Harvey Moses Jesse Perrin, Samuel Perrin, MA, Christopher Denman, Isaac Hendrichs, NY
056530 Coryell Earl Leroy Sylvanus Brown, VT
045572 Coryell Levi Leland, Jr. Abram Coriell, Luke Covert, NJ
009220 Cotton William Arosco Thomas Cotton, CT
013800 Cowin William Benton Elilive Benton, Samuel Hopson, CT, Edward Halstead, NY
061542 Cox Henry Milot David Miller, Martin Sims, NC, John Boyce, John Craig, Nathan Sims, Burril Foust, Thomas Logan, SC
043191 Crafts Norris P. Joseph Crafts, CT
067293 Crafts John Smith, Jr. John Crafts, CT
032956 Craig Jesse Vincent Thomas Craig, PA
033898 Craig William Thomas Craig, PA
004629 Crapo Philip Ashlew Joshua Crapo, MA, Peter Crapo, RI
019233 Craven Roger Carey Thomas Craven, PA, William Hutton, John Gaston, NJ
040220 Creasap Robert Denton Thomas Cresap, MD
030000 Creigh Alfred Irwin John Creigh, PA
004602 Creigh Thomas Alfred John Creigh, PA
082825 Creigh Jr. Thomas John Creigh, PA
019234 Crites Edward Darling William Southworth, RI, Timothy Develan Jr., NY
036979 Cronk Howard Read Nathan Read, MA
025147 Cropsey Daniel Burns John Croposey, NY
067294 Crosby Leo J. Ezekiel Johnson, MA
069144 Crosby Robert Lee Ezekial Johnson, MA
067133 Crosby William Archer Ezekial Johnson, MA
033823 Cummings John Ellsworth William Cummings, PA
049966 Cummings Paul Wyckoff William Cummings, PA
082819 Cummings Stephen Romig William Cummings, PA
051483 Cunningham Jesse Preston, Jr. John Brockman, VA
144750 Cunningham Roger Longfellow Joseph Johnson, PA, Jacob Fisher, VA, Robert George, PA
013789 Cutter Irving Samuel James Prescott, NH



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