Membership Inquiries

Associated Costs

Application Fee non-refundable if not accepted:  $80.00

Annual National Dues:  $35  – refundable if not accepted for membership.

Annual Nebraska State Society Dues: $17  (You must be a member of a State SAR Society to be a National Member)

Omaha Society Dues:  $10  Lincoln Society Dues: $10.00  (Voluntary)

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Sons of the American Revolution follow these steps:

1.  Download and review the information here.

2.  Download an Application Form – PDF format

3.  Download and review the Application Preparation Manuel.  There are example applications as well as explanations for the types of documentation/proofs that need to be provided with your application.  There are specific formats for dates and locations that need to be followed.  Be especially aware or Standards of Documentation on Pgs 3-4 and the section on SAR/DAR/CAR Record Copies and Old Applications on Pgs 12-13.

4.  Fill out application and email the PDF copy to David Kentsmith, you will be told where to send the supporting documentation.

5.  Send your supporting documentation via US Mail to the address provided

General Questions Nebraska State Secretary John Reinert

Help and Coaching on Completing SAR Application:  D. Kentsmith, Tom Masters

Please Note:  Because of time and resource limitations, help and coaching is limited to answering specific questions or helping find one or two easy proofs.  You are expected to do your own research and provide supporting proofs of your research.  We also ask that you complete the PDF application above.


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