What We Do

  • Honor individuals for outstanding and unusual patriotic achievement on a national, regional, and local level.
  • Honors persons for outstanding bravery and self sacrifice in the face of imminent danger.
  • Honors members of the United States Congress for outstanding service to the nation.
  • Honors outstanding junior and Senior ROTC cadets annually with the presentation of the ROTC award.
  • Promotes patriotism in high schools through a national historical orations contest annually.
  • Promotes patriotism in high schools through an essay competition.
  • Introduces the War of Independence to 5th grade students through the Americanism poster contest.
  • Honors Law Enforcement officials for outstanding service with a Law Enforcement Award.
  • Honors Fire Safety Officials for outstanding service with a Fire Safety Commendation Award.
  • Selects outstanding Eagle Scouts annually at the chapter, state and national level. The national winner receives a college scholarship. The Nebraska Society also awards a college scholarship.
  • Assists veterans in Veterans Hospitals.
  • Places SAR markers at the grave sites of Revolutionary Was Patriots and SAR members.
  • Commemorates Revolutionary Was Patriots with appropriate ceremonies.
  • Participates in new citizenship swearing-in ceremonies.
  • Observes patriotic anniversaries.
  • Cooperates with the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Children of the American Revolution and other hereditary organizations in the promotion of patriotism.

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