Reports From 2015 Congress

Reports from Congress submitted by Fred Walden, Trustee and John Parsons, North-Central Region Vice-President

Report on the 125th Congress of the Sons of the American Revolution

The finance Committee reported that an expenditure of $40,000 will be made to bring the computer system up to date.

A Motion was made and passed to raise the annual dies $5.00 per year.  So, in 2016 the annual dues will be raised $50.00 per member.   There were several objections to the motion, including mine.  Many voiced opinions that the raise would cause loss of membership and make it difficult to attract new members.  After a standing vote, the motion was carried.

The University of Louisville has worked with the SAR developing a computer program designed to charge non SAR members a fee to use the SAR Museum.  This will create new revenue for the SAR.

Operation Ancestor Search (OAS) began in 2010 with an altruistic vision of a program whereby skilled SAR genealogists could provide genealogy assistance and training in family history research for wounded soldiers, their families and caregivers, thereby taking their minds off their often difficult and painful injuries that they received in combat.  To date, OAS has served more than 1,100 participants through 23 participating SAR Chapters across the U.S.  If our chapter is interested in starting an OAS program, we can contact OAS Chairman Carl Bedell at or OAS Program Director Rick Kincaid at or 502-588-6147.

I was happy to see John Parsons and his lady walk down the aisle and be introduced as out North-Central Vice President.

Since we do not have a North-Central district breakfast, Janet and I attended the North Atlantic and Midwest breakfasts.  We also attended the $1000 dollar Breakfast.  I brought back some literature that explains how one can become a member of the $1000 group by contributing $250 per year for four years.  This money is used for scholarships (Boy Scouts etc.) and is kept separate from all other funds.

Voting for the 2016 officers involved a long line which took approximately one hour to register and to vote.

This year’s Congress was held at the Galt Hotel.  Previous meetings were held at the Brown Hotel.   I was not as comfortable at the Galt.  The meetings were held in rooms that were a greater distance one from the other.  The beds were not as comfortable as those in the Brown.  Parking was expensive.  Valet parking was $25 a day and regular parking was $10 per day.

From Omaha, half-way to Louisville is approximately 250 miles.  We traveled that distance stopping at Galesburg, Illinois.  We found Galesburg an ideal stop with convenient Motek, restaurants and filling stations.

The 126th National Congress of the Sons of the American Revolution will be held in Boston, Massachusetts in 1026.

Respectfully submitted, Fred Walden

The 125th NSSAR Convention in Louisville

My wife Pauline and I had the privilege of attending the 125th Convention of the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution in Louisville, Kentucky from 26 June to 1 July 2015.  Fred Walden (the National Trustee from Nebraska) and his wife Jan also attended, and the four of us had a great time.

The weekend was taken up primarily by optional side trips to Churchill Downs, the George Rogers Clark homestead, or other local attractions.  There is quite a bit to see in Louisville including the Slugger museum, various bourbon distillers, shopping opportunities, and of course, the SAR library and museum.

The museum and library, also with many other tourist attractions, was within walking distance of the hotel.  I spend several hours in the library which has a fantastic collection of historical and genealogical books and documents.  The Kentucky Society hosted a welcome party Saturday evening at the museum, providing a splendid opportunity to meet attendees from all over the country.

The museum is in its early stages of construction, and the staff is trying to put together not just a collection of artifacts, but an educational display of the entire American Revolution with the intent to educate the public on the events and ideas of that era.  It is a great idea and we’ll see how it works out.

Business meetings were conducted Monday through Wednesday.  some awards were distributed during thees sessions, and I was presented with streamers for the Omaha and Lincoln Chapters and the Nebraska Society as an award for the Patriot biographies that were submitted.  Senator Mitch McConnell, a member of the Kentucky Society, spoke at the Wednesday business meeting, and Mike Helm, the National Commander of the American Legion and a Nebraskan, spoke at the dinner that evening.  Fred and I as members of the American Legion in Nebraska, had our picture taken with him.  Election of new national officers was held and the officers were duly installed at the concluding banquet on Wednesday evening.

While Fred and I were the only members present from the North Central Region, there were quite a few attendees from other parts of the country.  I met a number of individuals, including a distant relative of mine from Berks County, PA, and an individual from Alabama who was friends with one of Pauline’s cousins.  It’s a small world!

Next year’s session will be held in Boston, so that should be interesting.  We had a great time and I would encourage any of you who would like to attend to please do so.

John Parsons


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